W.I.R. is an international, nonprofit and politically independent association of young change-makers, which was founded on the basic notion of networking and global leadership development.

W.I.R. works internationally on a variety of projects, promoting sustainable initiatives that potentially impact society in a positive and progressive way.

Students and experts from several professional areas are the engine that forms and conducts W.I.R., an international association that is open to scholars and young entrepreneurs from all faculties and disciplines, independent of their ideology or origin. The organization seeks to strengthen the professional profile and communication skills of its members in order to broaden global understanding and international relations… [More here]

The founders of this organization themselves are ambitious, young, and self-proclaimed world-citizens who are striving for sustainable human development and the creation of a better world through open-minded, meaningful and ongoing discussion.

Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress!