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EU Opportunities 2017



Here the Document on opportunities at the European Union (EU) and other international organizations such as the United Nations (UN), and more:


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Does the future belong to Women Entrepreneurs?

Women Entrepreneurs in Europe

In 2012, there were 40.6 million entrepreneurs active in Europe, of whom 29% were women (11.6 million). The percentage of women entrepreneurs was slightly higher in the European Union (EU-28) at 31%. In EU-28, around 10.3 million women entrepreneurs were active compared to 22.8 million men entrepreneurs.

The percentages of women entrepreneurs in the total number of entrepreneurs varied considerably between countries in Europe. With 43%, Liechtenstein had the highest percentage of women entrepreneurs, followed by Latvia (40%), Lithuania (40%) and Luxembourg (39%). With 32%, Spain is only slightly above the average of 31% among the EU-28. With 15%, Turkey had the lowest percentage followed by Malta (18%) and Ireland (20%).

In 2008, the percentage of women entrepreneurs was 30% for Europe-37 and 28% for EU-28. The variation between and ranking of countries was similar to 2012, but in general, we are able to identify a slow increase in women entrepreneurs.

In the period 2003 to 2012, the percentage of women entrepreneurs of the total entrepreneurs in Europe increased from 26.1% to 28.5%. In the same period, the percentage of women entrepreneurs in EU-28 increased from 28.9% to 31%. In almost all countries, the percentage of women entrepreneurs increased, with the highest percentages in Liechtenstein, Iceland, Cyprus, Spain and Serbia.

Source of data: Statistical Data on Women Entrepreneurs in Europe, published by the European Commission (September 2014)


Women Entrepreneurs and their Supporters

Are you an entrepreneur? Are you a women entrepreneur? Or simply in favour of gender equality or even gender equity?

Women Entrepreneurs and their Supporters

If you answered one of the aforementioned questions with a yes, then you should definitely take a look at the platform Arora. A purpose-driven comprehensive platform designed for women business owners and their supporters, with a clear mission: empowering women to thrive financially.

We encourage you to take a look at their website and their main activities: (1) loans made simple, (2) become your own financial expert, and (3) track and manage your finances.

Afterwards, please fill out this survey on your experience with Arora. It will only take you 4 minutes to fill out.

Your feedback will help Arora improve, as well as support other initiatives related to the Sustainable Development Goal 5, achieving gender equality and empowering all women and girls in the world. We are also expecting the Spanish version (versión Española) of Arora soon.

Unite For Belize

It is with a heavy heart that I sit here today and witness the injustice committed by elected representatives that we the people have [unfortunately] put in power.

This is no longer about Red or Blue, nor is it about the egos of small minded people, this is about us as a Belizean people and our future as a Nation!

The 26th of August 2016 is a day that will go down in history as the day that a corrupt band of thieves that are part of the so called United “Democratic” Party has disgraced the core principles of democracy. On this day, elected and appointed officials have not only suppressed the freedom of speech of an ELECTED official of the Belizean House of Representatives but have also violated the FREEDOM of PRESS!


Honorable Julius Espat, the elected area representative from Cayo South and Deputy Party leader of the opposition, was removed through brute force from the house of representatives for standing his ground and fighting for his people! Espat was to speak on detailed instances of corruption in the Auditor Generals report on the Immigration Department. The reason that this provoked so much fear in the United Democratic Party is because Dean Barrow, current Prime Minister, and his Wife were both implicated in the procurement of an unwarranted Belizean passport for none other than Dean Barrow’s Brother in law, Peter William Dahlstrom, one of over 50.000 illegal or fraudulent passports.

Julius Espat is well known for making it his personal mission to be a real VOICE for the people who elected him and that passion is what fueled the spirited disagreement that occurred between the member from Cayo South and the Speaker of the house of representatives. Espat, after being shut down several times, pointed out to the Speaker and to the Belizean people that Michael Peyrefitte, House Speaker, is in no way an impartial mediator having previously been a standard bearer for the UDP in 2007 and has been acting as “ a mercenary of [The UDP] ” to muzzle the voice of the opposition.

The Speaker then proceeded to ask a Minister of government to Name the member of Cayo South. This petition, however, seemed to have fallen on an unwilling audience because he proceeded to ask not ONCE, Not TWICE but THREE times before saying “So NO Minister is prepared to name this person” in order to goad someone to do his bidding. After some time, Hon. Julius Espat was prepared to retract his statement and issue an apology, a movement that was then supported by the UDP area representative from Mesopotamia, Hon. Michael Finnegan. However the speaker’s arrogance and wounded ego would not have it and with the aid of Hon. Wilfred Elrington moved for the suspension of Hon. Espat from the House.

This was where Espat chose to stand his ground and was surrounded by his fellow members of the opposition in what was a protest on behalf of The People of Belize and our voice! The police were then called in and brutally removed not only Julius Espat from the Building but also forcibly removed several members of the Media in a feebly and cowardly attempt to once again silence the voice of our nation. Freedom of speech and Freedom of press are two of the most fundamental tools, core principles of a democratic country, that we have as a people to prevent corruption and remind this Government that they work for the people who put them there and not the other way around!

Had Julius Espat not stood his ground the country would still be in the dark exactly about what this UDP administration is capable of. Unfortunately this is not the only time that the Government and the Police have abused their power and position. Our youth, the future of Belize, is constantly being oppressed and handled with this amount of brute force and nothing is done because no one speaks up about it!

Now is our time!

Do not let this brave act go in vain!

Do not let this become today’s news and yesterday’s gossip!

Stand up and fight for your country! I urge you to Contact international Media Outlets, Write public petitions and open letters, Protest! Show them that our voices cannot be shut out because united we will be heard! And united we stand strong!


Written by our Belizean Ambassador on the 27th of August 2016.
The Belizean people have the right to speak up; W.I.R. supports their pursue towards a correct functioning democracy with all their fundamental Human Rights guaranteed.

Obama in Spain – Thanking the Military

On the 10th of July 2016, President Obama travelled to Rota – a naval military base in the south of Spain – in order to speak to military personnel serving there.


The naval base, named NAVSTA Rota, is commanded by a Spanish Rear Admiral and fully funded by the US. Since 1953, the relations between Spain and the US were fortified by several mutual aid agreements which allowed the establishment of this naval base, and as a consequence, the improvement of local economies. Shortly after this, Spain and the US recognized the high strategic and maritime importance of the area.

Many missions were carried out in that region and Rota functioned as a gateway to Europe, to the Mediterranean Sea, as well as to the African continent. Today, Rota is a crucial missile defense station of the NATO, which intends to promote security and stability in the region.

At the naval base, President Obama stated how the United States could not ask for a better ally than Spain. He already mentioned in the past how strategically important Spain is for Europe and the Mediterranean Sea, and he could finally return to this amazing country – Spain –, and greet some colleagues and Spanish Government officials before the end of his mandate.

Obama_Speech_RotaThe President, returned to Washington on the same day, one day earlier as planned, cancelling his visits to Seville and Madrid, where he would have met with several young leaders from all over Spain and Europe.

Those young people were looking forward to seeing the President and to learn from his guidance. Nevertheless, they will continue their way, passionately working towards their goals, waiting for the President to return someday.

The Youth at the United Nations

During the last couple of months, a handful of young people passionately worked on the creation of the Youth Delegate to the United Nations Programme for Spain‬.

Several entities, such as UNSA Spain, with the support of those young individuals, is working on the promotion of the program, continuously contacting the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Madrid.

The basic premise behind this programme is to have one or more young persons as delegates that form part of the  Spanish mission in New York to attend a number of international conferences on behalf of the Spanish government and the young people of Spain.

Spanish Youth Delegate to the UN

The youth – officially defined by the UN as people aged 15-24 – makes up over 1.8 billion people of the world population and two-sixth of the Spanish population. Yet this group is hugely under-represented in national and international decision-making, despite the fact that this issue that affects several minorities in the world also affects the youth, often even to a greater extent due to their social and economic status within society.

The Youth Delegate programme is an opportunity to create civic role models for young people by encouraging participation of the Spanish youth in the international arena, and thereby inspiring them to contribute more deeply at home, in the political life of their own society, and hence counteracting the immense social costs of youth exclusion.

The inclusion of youth in the Spanish delegations to the UN meetings can help them gain a better understanding of the intricacies of negotiations, the challenges of achieving consensus and the patience required to win diplomatic progress.

By encouraging young voices to be heard at international forums and intergovernmental processes, our Spanish youth can effectively participate in the global community, and bring to the table a fresh perspective to the discussions at the UN General Assembly and other Committee sessions, contributing greatly to the resolutions of problems and challenges faced by the youth in Spain and around the world.

The Benefits for Spain

Young people in all countries are both a major human resource for development and key agents for social change, economic development and technological innovation. By enabling more effective participation of young people, we can benefit from their energy, idealism, unique perspectives, and innovative and creative ideas. Young people are the experts on the issues that affect them and as such, are integral to achieving effective and enduring solutions.

By empowering the youth to participate more fully in society and decision-making processes, they become engaged as partners in shaping the world they will inherit and pass on to future generations.

Let us Change the World

It is hoped that the passion, creativity and energy of the young people are highlighted by giving them an opportunity to increase their impact on social policy and dialogue in the local and global sphere so as to face challenges and strengthen opportunities for international youth development policy and dialogue.

W.I.R. wants to show its gratitude to those young individuals, especially to one of W.I.R.’s founders David J. K. Tofan, for their great contribution and for making this initiative soon become reality. We are all looking forward to the successful implementation of the Youth Delegate program in Spain.

You have our support!

Please share this great news with the rest of the world, especially with the Spanish youth!

It’s time for the inclusion of the Youth, it’s time to have a Voice!