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World of Opportunities

W.I.R. is currently working on a Resource Platform named World of Opportunities.

Here the link: (Beta Version – TRIAL)


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International Electoral Observers (IEO)


Announcement: Training by EIUC

International Electoral Observers (IEO) – Training
Open and legitimate elections are at the basis of both sustainable development and effective
democracy. Actions supporting the right to participate in genuine elections can play a major
role in sustaining peace, security and conflict prevention. This support takes the form of
electoral assistance projects and election observation missions, all activities that requires
skilled and trained observers.




The aim of the training seminar is to deepen the theoretical and practical expertise on
election observation missions in providing participants with practical skills which will be an
asset in case of further applications as international observers.
Starting with a thorough introduction on the international observation theory and legal
standards, the course will analyse the practical life of a short term observer from the
selection procedure to the end of the mission including the observation of the polls, the
filling of the forms, the reporting system and the code of conduct. The methodology will
combine frontal lecturers in plenary, working groups as well as role plays, discussions and
simulation exercises. Participants will also be introduced to the long-term election
observation by analysing in depth some of the aspects related to an international observation
mission such as working relations, interviewing techniques, media and security.


The training is organised with the patronage of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Italy, Czech Republic and Spain.

Deadline early bird enrolment: 25 January 2018

Registration deadline: 15 February 2018

Course dates:  19-24 March 2018

Venue: EIUC premises in Venice Lido at the Monastery of San Nicolò. (Italy)

Admission requirements: The course is devoted to those applicants with no experience in
election observation or to those observers who have participated to a maximum of two
missions as short term observers.

Lectures are conceived for an audience of graduates mainly in Law, Political Sciences,
Economics, Sociology, Philosophy, Anthropology or similar who wish to address
international election observation from a multi-disciplinary approach which will be useful
for a further engagement on the field.

All courses will be held in English.

EIUC will review applications on an on-going basis so as to give non-European participants
as much time as possible for the organisation of visa requests.

For more information, contact them at or visit


Disclaimer: This information was copied from an e-mail we received from EIUC.


28 de Julio del 2016 #LatAmWithHer

No contamos con voto, pero tenemos voz, que unida, llama por una América que construya puentes en lugar de muros.

Philadelphia – En la Convención Nacional Demócrata, listos para escuchar a la primera candidata mujer a la presidencia de los Estados Unidos, lanzaremos un movimiento para todos los latinoamericanos que creen en un país y en una región inclusiva. No permitiremos que otros candidatos discriminen a nuestro pueblo, nuestra gente, nuestra cultura y valores. Somos más de 625 millones de latinoamericanos en la región, de la mano con los 28 millones de latinos que viven en los Estados Unidos pero que no son elegibles para votar. Quizá no podamos elegir directamente a Hillary Clinton, pero nuestra voz cuenta en esta decisión que afectará directamente la vida de todos nosotros.


Nuestro mensaje a resonado en todas los rincones de la región y en apenas tres días ya contamos con delegados en la Ciudad de México, Monterrey, Mérida, Buenos Aires, Ciudad de Panamá , San José, Santo Domingo, Sao Paulo, Caracas, Barcelona, Las Palmas, Madrid y Nueva York. Nuevos delegados pueden unirse a LatAmWithHer haciendo su voz sonar a través de la diplomacia ciudadana y digital. Nunca antes habíamos estado tan interconectados, con la posibilidad de expresar nuestros sentimientos y ideas de manera inmediata e impactante cruzando fronteras. Actualmente, las redes sociales nos permiten cambiar el curso de la historia luchando en contra de la discriminación y la inequidad, esto se puede lograr impulsando a Latinoamérica a apoyar a Hillary. Utilizando el #LatAmWithHer creado a raíz del hashtag utilizado por millones de partidarios de Hillary, #IAmWithHer, podemos todos contribuir a la conversación de manera proactiva y constructiva. Nuestro grupo no solo busca apoyar la elección de la primera Presidenta de los Estados Unidos en noviembre, sino que también servirá como un vínculo para promover las relaciones multilaterales con los diferentes países latinoamericanos, enfatizando la promoción de los derechos humanos en particular los derechos de la mujer, de los pueblos indígenas, de las personas con discapacidad y necesidades especiales, de los afrolatinos y de la comunidad LGBT.

En palabras del Presidente Barack Obama “Hillary es la persona más preparada en la historia de los Estados Unidos como candidata para la presidencia”. De acuerdo al candidato a la Vicepresidencia el Senador Tim Kaine quien sirvió como misionario en Honduras “Hillary está lista”. Latinoamérica también está lista para eliminar uestras diferencias y apoyar a una candidata que busca crear puentes en lugar de muros. Como se escuchó en la Convención Nacional Demócrata “Sí se puede” Todos podemos y debemos tener una voz en esta decisión que impactará a nuestras vidas y nuestro mundo. Twitter/Facebook – @LatAmWithHer

Original Article is owned by the initiative #LatAmWithHer.

Gender Equality, or better Equity?

Everybody is talking about Gender Equality. In the last couple of weeks, honoring the 8th of March – the International Women’s Day –, several conferences around the world, such as the Youth CSW (Committee on the Status of Women) Forum were encouraging the empowerment of women and girls in society, making clear that gender equality is not only women, but also a men’s issue. Here more.

Gender Equality vs EquityHowever, because of such a misinterpretation, we can consider Gender Equality to be a very vague concept. Differentiation or classification are important and necessary in order to make the right decisions. Our world is based on differences. In terms of biology, psychology, culture as well as empirical aspects, complete or total equality is only possible in a utopia. Everybody is unique. We have to learn to respect our differences and to nurture our similarities.

This article is not intended to take away your optimism on gender equality, or the belief that the world might soon become a better place. We completely support optimism. We believe in Dreams. Dreams are good and necessary to achieve big changes. Dreams are our daily motivation, keeping us passionately working towards a specific goal, and actually making the world a better place; starting with those who are around us.

Nevertheless, every individual is unique, every story is a series of different experiences. Therefore, we consider it to be more appropriate to talk about Just Behavior, Equity or another concept that might fit better into what we want to do here – what we are working for – together.

As a result of Gender Equality as a widely-spread and vague concept, it is necessary to transmit awareness, and education is the key. We have to start as early as possible, in kindergarten and work with people who will be the future leaders of society. The new concept of Gender Equality needs to be better implemented in people’s brains. It might not be a fair world out there, but we have the opportunity to balance, to support women, girls, men, and boys, to work towards a #Planet5050.

Education & Gender Equality

Some issues that we have to face are the lack of clear information. Confronting it might be to personally reach out through Ambassadors: tell stories and bring gifts that cultivate knowledge. Create awareness about those issues that affect our daily lives, right in front of our own eyes. Share optimism and celebrate the good things in life – together. Organize Model United Nations simulations, preparing the youth for the international arena. Share knowledge, gather key leaders, idols and celebrities, and put them in touch with all levels of society.

The question that arises now in order to set sails towards equity is: Do the people want to learn more about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)? We have to create incentives, like traveling, adventures, getting to know interesting and passionate people, teaching new skills… We have to make it interesting and funny: because everybody loves to have fun!

Education is the foundation of society, but we cannot forget the private sector, which is almost omnipresent in our daily lives. Add and promote the SDGs to companies’ ads, products, etc.

In the next months, W.I.R. will work on a general guide for the public and private sector that  illustrates how to collaborate on the awareness-making of SDGs and their implementation – promoting Public-Private-Partnerships (PPP).

The Youth at the United Nations

During the last couple of months, a handful of young people passionately worked on the creation of the Youth Delegate to the United Nations Programme for Spain‬.

Several entities, such as UNSA Spain, with the support of those young individuals, is working on the promotion of the program, continuously contacting the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Madrid.

The basic premise behind this programme is to have one or more young persons as delegates that form part of the  Spanish mission in New York to attend a number of international conferences on behalf of the Spanish government and the young people of Spain.

Spanish Youth Delegate to the UN

The youth – officially defined by the UN as people aged 15-24 – makes up over 1.8 billion people of the world population and two-sixth of the Spanish population. Yet this group is hugely under-represented in national and international decision-making, despite the fact that this issue that affects several minorities in the world also affects the youth, often even to a greater extent due to their social and economic status within society.

The Youth Delegate programme is an opportunity to create civic role models for young people by encouraging participation of the Spanish youth in the international arena, and thereby inspiring them to contribute more deeply at home, in the political life of their own society, and hence counteracting the immense social costs of youth exclusion.

The inclusion of youth in the Spanish delegations to the UN meetings can help them gain a better understanding of the intricacies of negotiations, the challenges of achieving consensus and the patience required to win diplomatic progress.

By encouraging young voices to be heard at international forums and intergovernmental processes, our Spanish youth can effectively participate in the global community, and bring to the table a fresh perspective to the discussions at the UN General Assembly and other Committee sessions, contributing greatly to the resolutions of problems and challenges faced by the youth in Spain and around the world.

The Benefits for Spain

Young people in all countries are both a major human resource for development and key agents for social change, economic development and technological innovation. By enabling more effective participation of young people, we can benefit from their energy, idealism, unique perspectives, and innovative and creative ideas. Young people are the experts on the issues that affect them and as such, are integral to achieving effective and enduring solutions.

By empowering the youth to participate more fully in society and decision-making processes, they become engaged as partners in shaping the world they will inherit and pass on to future generations.

Let us Change the World

It is hoped that the passion, creativity and energy of the young people are highlighted by giving them an opportunity to increase their impact on social policy and dialogue in the local and global sphere so as to face challenges and strengthen opportunities for international youth development policy and dialogue.

W.I.R. wants to show its gratitude to those young individuals, especially to one of W.I.R.’s founders David J. K. Tofan, for their great contribution and for making this initiative soon become reality. We are all looking forward to the successful implementation of the Youth Delegate program in Spain.

You have our support!

Please share this great news with the rest of the world, especially with the Spanish youth!

It’s time for the inclusion of the Youth, it’s time to have a Voice!