Women Entrepreneurs in Europe

In 2012, there were 40.6 million entrepreneurs active in Europe, of whom 29% were women (11.6 million). The percentage of women entrepreneurs was slightly higher in the European Union (EU-28) at 31%. In EU-28, around 10.3 million women entrepreneurs were active compared to 22.8 million men entrepreneurs.

The percentages of women entrepreneurs in the total number of entrepreneurs varied considerably between countries in Europe. With 43%, Liechtenstein had the highest percentage of women entrepreneurs, followed by Latvia (40%), Lithuania (40%) and Luxembourg (39%). With 32%, Spain is only slightly above the average of 31% among the EU-28. With 15%, Turkey had the lowest percentage followed by Malta (18%) and Ireland (20%).

In 2008, the percentage of women entrepreneurs was 30% for Europe-37 and 28% for EU-28. The variation between and ranking of countries was similar to 2012, but in general, we are able to identify a slow increase in women entrepreneurs.

In the period 2003 to 2012, the percentage of women entrepreneurs of the total entrepreneurs in Europe increased from 26.1% to 28.5%. In the same period, the percentage of women entrepreneurs in EU-28 increased from 28.9% to 31%. In almost all countries, the percentage of women entrepreneurs increased, with the highest percentages in Liechtenstein, Iceland, Cyprus, Spain and Serbia.

Source of data: Statistical Data on Women Entrepreneurs in Europe, published by the European Commission (September 2014)


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