On the 10th of July 2016, President Obama travelled to Rota – a naval military base in the south of Spain – in order to speak to military personnel serving there.


The naval base, named NAVSTA Rota, is commanded by a Spanish Rear Admiral and fully funded by the US. Since 1953, the relations between Spain and the US were fortified by several mutual aid agreements which allowed the establishment of this naval base, and as a consequence, the improvement of local economies. Shortly after this, Spain and the US recognized the high strategic and maritime importance of the area.

Many missions were carried out in that region and Rota functioned as a gateway to Europe, to the Mediterranean Sea, as well as to the African continent. Today, Rota is a crucial missile defense station of the NATO, which intends to promote security and stability in the region.

At the naval base, President Obama stated how the United States could not ask for a better ally than Spain. He already mentioned in the past how strategically important Spain is for Europe and the Mediterranean Sea, and he could finally return to this amazing country – Spain –, and greet some colleagues and Spanish Government officials before the end of his mandate.

Obama_Speech_RotaThe President, returned to Washington on the same day, one day earlier as planned, cancelling his visits to Seville and Madrid, where he would have met with several young leaders from all over Spain and Europe.

Those young people were looking forward to seeing the President and to learn from his guidance. Nevertheless, they will continue their way, passionately working towards their goals, waiting for the President to return someday.