During the last couple of months, a handful of young people passionately worked on the creation of the Youth Delegate to the United Nations Programme for Spain‬.

Several entities, such as UNSA Spain, with the support of those young individuals, is working on the promotion of the program, continuously contacting the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Madrid.

The basic premise behind this programme is to have one or more young persons as delegates that form part of the  Spanish mission in New York to attend a number of international conferences on behalf of the Spanish government and the young people of Spain.

Spanish Youth Delegate to the UN

The youth – officially defined by the UN as people aged 15-24 – makes up over 1.8 billion people of the world population and two-sixth of the Spanish population. Yet this group is hugely under-represented in national and international decision-making, despite the fact that this issue that affects several minorities in the world also affects the youth, often even to a greater extent due to their social and economic status within society.

The Youth Delegate programme is an opportunity to create civic role models for young people by encouraging participation of the Spanish youth in the international arena, and thereby inspiring them to contribute more deeply at home, in the political life of their own society, and hence counteracting the immense social costs of youth exclusion.

The inclusion of youth in the Spanish delegations to the UN meetings can help them gain a better understanding of the intricacies of negotiations, the challenges of achieving consensus and the patience required to win diplomatic progress.

By encouraging young voices to be heard at international forums and intergovernmental processes, our Spanish youth can effectively participate in the global community, and bring to the table a fresh perspective to the discussions at the UN General Assembly and other Committee sessions, contributing greatly to the resolutions of problems and challenges faced by the youth in Spain and around the world.

The Benefits for Spain

Young people in all countries are both a major human resource for development and key agents for social change, economic development and technological innovation. By enabling more effective participation of young people, we can benefit from their energy, idealism, unique perspectives, and innovative and creative ideas. Young people are the experts on the issues that affect them and as such, are integral to achieving effective and enduring solutions.

By empowering the youth to participate more fully in society and decision-making processes, they become engaged as partners in shaping the world they will inherit and pass on to future generations.

Let us Change the World

It is hoped that the passion, creativity and energy of the young people are highlighted by giving them an opportunity to increase their impact on social policy and dialogue in the local and global sphere so as to face challenges and strengthen opportunities for international youth development policy and dialogue.

W.I.R. wants to show its gratitude to those young individuals, especially to one of W.I.R.’s founders David J. K. Tofan, for their great contribution and for making this initiative soon become reality. We are all looking forward to the successful implementation of the Youth Delegate program in Spain.

You have our support!

Please share this great news with the rest of the world, especially with the Spanish youth!

It’s time for the inclusion of the Youth, it’s time to have a Voice!